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PS Vita Wallpaper Packs

With one of these PS Vita wallpaper packs you will be able to use a different wallpaper on each PS Vita tab while you maintain a consistent look! PS Vita wallpapers in this pack fit perfectly together!
Simpsons pack all your simpsons friends gathered in 5 different PS vita wallpapers. each wallpaper contains one of the most popular Simpsons characters. a must have PS vita wallpaper pack for the fans!
Shadow Labrys Pack This PS Vita themes pack contains both a Persona 4 Shadow Labrys wallpaper as lockscreen
Mortal Kombat Pack a complete PS Vita Wallpaper theme pack inspired on the famous fighting game: Mortal Kombat. Enjoy this different bright fatality wallpaper for your PS vita
Glass style a high quality HD PS Vita wallpapers pack created by B-Boy Craiz
Original themes set a furturistic and original wallpaper themes set for your PS Vita. Colorful liquid metal flowing over your playstation vitas screen in this wallpaper pack created by Death_Comes_Slow

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