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PS Vita movie wallpapers

looking for a PS Vita wallpaper or theme on your favourite movie? Well you have landed on the correct page, here we have gathered all our PS Vita movies wallpapers and themes!
Expendables a PS Vita wallpaper on the expendables, the action movie which contains about every action hero movies legend ever madeā€¦.
Spongebob the craziest sponge of bikini bottom in this yellow PS vita wallpaper from deep under the sea: spongebob squarepants
Darth Vader Wallpaper the evil Darth vader watching over your PS Vita while your PS Vita icons have been replaced by Death stars
Terminator 2 the glowing eyes of the T800 Terminator 2 robot on the wallpaper of this PS vita theme
Docteur Who a playstation vita wallpaper on the british Science fiction television series Docteur who.

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