Real Money Games

What are the best real money games? It is a fascinating but challenging question to answer; necessarily, the answer involves subjective aspects, so it is possible that some do not agree with the answer.

However, we are embarking on the task of answering the question that motivates these lines; and since the item is full and gives room for a universe of options, we will limit it.

So, what we will do is circumscribe the answer to only casino games; sports and event bets in general, lotteries in all their forms, and e-games are excluded.

We will also focus on the most popular games; the casinos have a wide range of games with different variants; we will talk about the most notorious because they constitute the bulk of the offer that is found both face-to-face casinos and online.

What are the best real money games?

We will start from an essential proposition,” the game must be seen as a leisure activity”; with this premise, the best match is the one where the participant can recreate himself.

There’s no point in playing something you can’t enjoy, so the choice of the game is particular; it’s an individual decision that depends on personal taste, knowledge, and skills to play it.

In essence, no game is better than another; the point is to understand that all are different, and the person’s preferences and abilities condition the choice of one or the other.

On the other hand, there are indeed games where the success rate can be higher; that is something to consider, check the payment tables offered by the casino helps with this.

If you are new to the world of casino gambling, it is advisable to start slots and roulette; these are simple rules and running games that do not require higher skills.

Best Games with real money

Below is a brief overview of the most popular games in traditional and online casinos:

  • Roulette: Perhaps the most famous of casino games, it is elegant and very entertaining; it is live and virtual, it has several modalities: American, French, European, and the Pro version. The profit expectancy ranges from 92.10% to 98.60%.
  • Blackjack: it is a straightforward game to understand; it depends more on skill and knowledge than luck; it is one of the games with the most variants and attractive bonuses. It has the highest payment expectation, between 98.38 – – 99.87%.
  • Slots: better known as slot machines or apertures, will attract the most excellent attention of users; the types and versions of this game are innumerable; there are progressive jackpots, expensive and economical bets. The payment range is full, so you have to be cautious between 94.3% – 98.0%.
  • Video Poker: in essence, it is a combination between traditional poker and slot; you bet against a machine; the goal is to achieve a specific combination of cards to win; as usual, you can find variants of this game. The percentage of payment ranges from 98.49% – 99.54.